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2019: The Year That Was

Updated: Jan 9

Happy New Year to you, Awesome People!


2019 had been an emotional roller coaster for me. One that was a mix of happiness, sadness, excitement, sorrow, pleasure and shock. Name it, and I'd say I somehow experienced them all. However, as they say, everything happens for a reason. There are some things that we cannot control, or perhaps it is better to say that nothing really is in our control. Life events, mishaps, surprises, even good and bad days, are all beyond our power.

The first half of my 2019 was bumpy. There was my birthday where I felt really happy as I turned another year older. Next was our Caramoan trip where I got to enjoy another paradise with my friends. Then to top it all off, I got to spend time with my then significant other who flew all the way from another country. There was bliss. Until I got my heart broken once again. It was difficult. I never even thought it would happen again. But this time, I knew I was more mature and stronger. I was able to handle things differently as a grown-up and made decisions I knew will have an impact on my future. Well I guess, this should be expected from me, given all the things that I went through. And I made it!

The second half, I would say was bittersweet. After the break-up, it was fine time for me to move forward. And that's the most difficult part of moving on: how to literally step forward to the next chapter. It wasn't easy but I knew then what to do: to spend more time with family, friends and myself, and, most importantly, to spend more time with God. So I then applied for our US visa. I booked our tickets and prepared for the very thing I love doing the most: traveling. But I wasn't that excited. A few months before the trip, I had rapid mood swings. There were times that I dreaded going to work. The next moment, I found myself talking to my sister telling her that I wanted to visit her in The Bahamas right there and then. Out of the blue, there I was, messaging my friends to meet me and catch up as soon as possible. I would admit, these were all due to pure anxiety and distress. I didn't know then what to do with my life. It was a cycle of emotions.

But God is really good. He really did save the best for last! Something totally unexpected happened, in December. It happened during our US trip. The trip that I wasn't really looking forward to because I thought it was just going to be another travel escapade for me, much like the previous ones. But it wasn't. I never knew that it will become my door-opener, life-changer, and the total reboot I needed. I met the love of my life, my "The One", my soulmate! Do you still believe in love at first sight? Personally I don't, but having experienced it for the first time, I'd say it is indeed true! I was astounded. It felt like everything fell into place. God's perfect timing, I'd say.

I met the man of my dreams. The one who I know I can grow with emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Everything I wished and prayed for is with him: looks, values, beliefs, and most of all, his faith in God. What more can I ask for? The moment I saw him, my heart literally skipped a beat! Then the moment I got to talk to him, everything felt natural. We never ran out of topics. He wasn't boring to talk to, and it seemed like everything was perfectly planned! God really delivered his promise that I will end 2019 strong. And I surely did.


And now, as we begin a new decade, I hope we welcome 2020 with another grateful and excited heart. I know this year is going to be full of surprises and enchanting moments. Another one for the books! I can't wait how everything will unfold, and I hope you, too. May we get to experience life-changing opportunities and double portion of blessings.

Photo taken at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, Ca

New Year: new life, new home, new job, new car, new love, and new beginnings! All glory to God!



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