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Almost Thirty

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It's almost here, the clock is ticking, and my mind is already whirling. About 4 months from now, I'll reach that age where almost everyone I know is so alarmed about: turning thirty.

So what about it? Well to me, it's just a number that I can brush off pretty easily. But of course, I am kidding!!! I'll be honest, at this point in my life I'd say that I have reached that moment where I would frequently ask myself, "So what's in it for you, Leeny? What's next? The people around you are already one or two steps ahead!" Yes, I have those iffy days where I would stare at something so blankly and I won't even realize that I've been doing it for half an hour already.

It's not easy being 29, so what more becoming 30? And that's when I start to look back at my achievements: I have a stable and very rewarding career, a loving family, very supportive friends, I can manage my own finances well, and I am pretty much contented. So what more could I ask for? A husband perhaps? Hahaha probably! But kidding aside, with much enthusiasm and excitement, I know I'll be entering my 30th with a very grateful heart. Because I know that those victories are products of my hard work; days when I would just want to give up because they're just too hard for me to handle, days when I would usually stay awake late at night because I know I have to prepare for the challenges of the following day, and those days when I would say to God, "Lord, I surrender everything to You, I already did my best, please take care of the rest."

So why should I fear turning 30? I know there's a lot in store for me next year and the next ones after. And I can hardly wait for the new chapters to unfold. If I am to forecast what I want in my future, I wanted to see how my wedding will turn out, which new places I'd set my foot into, what kind of wife will I be, how my children would look like and how kikay will my daughter turn out to be knowing that I'll be her mom. And of course, what other unexpected blessings will I be able to receive. Sounds exciting right? That's how I see my next days, months, and years ahead: full of endless blessings and possibilities! I hope it's how you see yours too!

However, I know there will always be downfalls, yes, they will never, ever leave. As they say:

Photo taken from the Spiritual Inspiration FB Page

That's why I am brave enough to enter the next chapter of my life. Because I know God has fully equipped me for whatever storm that may come my way. And I hope you, too.



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