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An Open Letter for Mom

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When the clock hits 5:30 AM, my Mom wakes up to prepare our sumptuous morning breakfast. During the day, she does our laundry and, at times, goes to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are usually good for the entire week. At noon and after lunch, she takes a nap or browses her iPad to view videos or her social media accounts. At night, at exactly 6:30 PM, it's when she yells at everyone inside our house and invites us to have dinner together. It irks her if no one follows because she always says that we shouldn't let the food wait for us. At around 8:00 PM, it's time for her to rest and sleep. And when the next day comes, this whole cycle starts again.

This is my Mom's usual daily grind. The person who gave birth to four (4) wonderful children, and yes, that includes me! I am so proud to call her my Mom because she is the most humble and most generous Mom in the whole wide world! As I was growing up, I would admit that I was a little bit spoiled (my siblings would contest the "little bit" note though) by my Dad. Between the two of them, it was my Mom who was more disciplinarian. I got to experience being hit with a slipper, a hanger, a fly swatter or even as simple as her heavy hand. But I never hated her for that, because I knew I needed to learn something from those mistakes or the unnecessary wants I had when I was young. And there was nothing more appropriate than being disciplined by a parent. I knew it was her job to raise us as good and upright individuals.

Me and my siblings plus my niece and Mom

She is also one of the most patient people I've ever known. During school days back then, she would usually prepare a handwritten test paper for me so I could study and validate all my learnings from school. Of course, I was that usual impatient daughter who wanted everything quick and fast. But Mom was never like that. She was not the stage Mom that some kids would have, yet she was my backbone, my support in everything that has happened and is happening in my life! She would always help me in my assignments, my projects, and in whatever decisions I needed to make, even up until now. And I will always be thankful that I have her with me.

Me and Mom at Dad's resting place

We didn't have a rich lifestyle. I'd say we were at the middle class, where we can eat three (3) times a day and have decent clothes to wear. But we were able to go to prestigious schools because of her and my Dad's hard work. Let me share a touching story. My Mom would usually buy me Barbie dolls when I was young, with lots of elegant clothes and accessories. However, I could only play with them for just a short time. Right after playing, I needed to put them back in the boxes because if not, Mom would get mad at me. She wanted them organized and to see them lined up in the shelf (guess where I got my organizing skills!). It became a normal scenario for me. Playtime with my Barbies was always a treasure because I couldn't really play with them that much! As I was growing up, I had the chance to ask her why she was like that. Normally, kids could play freely with their Barbies, sometimes even cut their hair, draw on them, until they eventually turn into something that won't even look like a Barbie at all. And that's when I was touched. She revealed that when she was still a kid, she didn't have the chance to play and collect them. And when she had us, it was only then she could actually enjoy and cherish them, even just by looking at them. A kid at heart, indeed!

Today, as she turns 60, I would like to tell everyone how lucky we are to have her. To you, Mom, thank you so much for being there for us, in good and bad times. Thank you for taking care of us whenever we are sick and also for celebrating our achievements with us. Thank you for always ensuring that we get to eat together during meal times. Thank you for being the best Lola to Lexi and to your future grandchildren. Thank you for being the strongest when Papa died 13 years ago, as it built our strength and helped us move forward with confidence towards a bright future ahead.

It is now the perfect time for us to give back. Let us spoil you with all the joys of this world! Enjoy God's gift to you to experience visiting the USA. I know it was a dream we once had when Papa was still alive. But it's now here, and just right in time! We all want you to just enjoy everything from hereon. You deserve all the happiness and pleasure that this world can offer.

HAPPY, HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY, MAMA!!! We love you so much!



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