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An Open Letter to Myself

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Dear Self,

I am writing to you today to tell you five (5) important things. It's been quite a while since I've seen the real you. Don't worry, I know it'll come back very soon.

1. Always remember that you are important, and you are loved. Hey... don't frown, everything's gonna be okay. I know you went through a lot already; endless heartbreaks, failures, and discomforts. But what you don't know is that all those experiences led you to how and where you are now. God wakes you up every single day for a reason. A lot of people need to see your smile, hear your hearty laugh and words of wisdom, and feel your love. Not all people are capable of that, so cheer up!

2. It's okay to be not okay. I understand that there will be times that you may feel down, depressed, and stressed. But those are normal feelings that people usually have. I know you've been crying endlessly at night not wanting to bother anyone. It's okay, continue to release them all if that makes you feel better. But you know what, I heard from up above that very soon, those painful tears will become tears of joy. It's okay, you'll be fine. Your cup will overflow with blessings you wouldn't have seen coming; just watch how God will move.

3. You are a strong woman. I know there were people who said that you always get things easily, that you are very lucky and it seems that all of your achievements come just like that. But I know that those aren't true. I know how much effort you always exert in everything that you do. Even if it costs you a lot of frustrations, self-doubts, and countless worrying, you continue to endure and see things through to completion. Do you remember what your life coach/ friend told you recently? Your mental toughness is very high! So continue soaring, Leeny!

4. Don't waver on your faith. I know that your journey with God started a long time ago. Continue to believe that you are a living testimony, that you can reach great heights because of your big faith. And like what you always do, keep on holding onto God's hand, as He will never leave you, and He will always love you, even through the toughest moments. Don't stop inspiring people because that's your mission here on earth. Guess what? You're doing great so far!

5. Lastly, continue to believe in love, even if those people are the most difficult and hardest to love. Maybe someday, they'll get to realize how lucky they are to have you and understand that what you only want is to love and be loved. I know that you always give your best but you always end up getting hurt; it's okay, that's part of it. But do not let it stop you from loving them. I know that you can love others because you have already started loving yourself a long time ago and you still have so much to give. Remember, the right person will always know your worth, even at your worst.

There you go, Leeny. Keep in mind these five (5) important reminders. Never forget that you are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are blessed. ALWAYS.



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