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The Art of Waiting

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Are you in a season of waiting? Waiting for your big break, for "the one", or perhaps wondering what is going to happen next in your life? Fret not, as you are not alone.

In life, it is true that we cannot control what is happening to us. It is one of the things that even though we believe we have the power to do, and even if we think we are mighty enough to make things happen, we just really cannot. It is because there is an element here that we call right timing.

I'd like to share with you five (5) of the best things that we must practice while we are in this season. However, let's not limit ourselves to this list as I am pretty sure there will be other ways on how we can maximize this chapter in our lives.

1. Count your Blessings

This one's fairly easy. But as they say, it is easier said than done. It's when things get rough, and we focus on our problems and disregard the good things, that it becomes even more difficult. So how do we turn those moments upside down? Let's begin by counting our blessings, those that we don't normally get to appreciate on a daily basis: you woke up today, your body is in good condition with complete parts, you ate three (3) full meals today with extra dessert on the side, your parents are still alive, the sky is blooming outside, your cup of coffee is waiting for you, and a lot more! How can we not become happy about these things? Perhaps we ignore them because we're probably used to having or seeing them. But despite all these, we just have to understand that we are blessed in so many ways and we only need to take the time to stop and appreciate them more.

2. Acknowledge What's Happening

In order for us to stay "sane" during this season, we have to acknowledge what is happening. We have to accept that this chapter is here to maybe teach us a lesson or to help us grow and mature. Or possibly, because we need to slow down as we can get too focused on achieving something that we forget to take a good rest. As long as we recognize where we're at, it will become easier to move forward.

3. Seize the Moment

Take a good break. Nothing compares to having those days when we get to practice the art of doing nothing. Spend time with your family and friends more. Travel to a place where you haven't been to yet and be able to discover new experiences. Try out a new hobby, or just simply go the beach and stare at the line where the sky meets the sea and see if it calls you (just kidding!). There are so many ways on how we can distract ourselves from the waiting game, we just have to get up and move.

A serene moment at Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia

4. Pray More

This is a very important one. In this season, we cannot do things alone. We need to have a support system that is strong enough to help us get through it: the power of praying. By praying, we are deepening our faith by beginning to trust God more. Trust that He knows what is the best for us, and we are being taught of a valuable lesson. We will get to realize then that what God wants for us is much, much better than what we would have wanted. Of course, in His time, and not our own preferred time, we will get to have them all.

Image courtesy of Spiritual Inspiration FB Page

5. Stay Expectant

During this period in our lives, we always have to look forward to what's ahead of us. In this way, we get to tell ourselves that something great is about to happen to us right after, which will motivate us to take more steps further. Who knows maybe after this, we'll be able to meet the right person, have the biggest break we've been waiting for or be able to achieve that far-fetched dream. We need to acknowledge that we won't stay in this season for too long, because this is just a prelude to what's in store for us in the future.

Once we have done all these, we will attain the peace of mind and heart that we need while waiting for the next big thing in our lives. I am sure that once the right time comes, you'll be ready, because you have been prepared to receive them.

So after reading this, my question for you is, are you "happily" waiting? If not, it's time to shake those problems off, and start expecting contentedly!



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